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James McCray opened the door to my voice
Eva Maria Westbroek


McCray’s help for me is of immeasurable value
Frank van Aken

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Gioacchino Rossini was once asked: “What do you need to be a good opera singer?”

His answer was:

“Voce, voce, voce!”

McCray Studio for vocal arts


Founded by the great American tenor James McCray, the McCray Studio for vocal arts is one of the most worldwide renowned studios for voice development. Influenced by the singing and teachings of Riccardo Stracciari, Robert Buckingham, Mario Del Monaco, with James McCray himself and Prizrenka McCray as teachers, the studio has among its most famous students soprano Eva-Maria Westbroek, tenor Frank Van Akken, baritone Anooshah Golesorkhi, bass Jaco Huipen, baritone Bastiaan Everink and baritone Mark Morouse.

James McCray opened the door to my voice, and therefore made it possible for me to live my biggest dream! Covent Garden, The Metropolitan Opera, La Scala di Milano, Opera de Paris, San Francisco Opera, Wiener Staatsoper, Liceo de Barcelona, Dutch Opera, Teatro Real Madrid, Frankfurt Am Main, Saltzburger Festspiele, Bayreuter Festspiele, etc. Eva Maria Westbroek


With all of his experience as a singer, and especially as a tenor, in addition to knowing all there is to know about the function of the human voice, James McCray’s help for me was, and still is of immeasurable value, and makes him my vocal father. Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Covent Garden, Dusseldorf, Bayreuther Festspiele, Bayerische Staatsoper, The Metropolitan Opera, La Scala etc. Frank van Aken


James McCray is one of the only vocal pedagogues whose teaching maintains the link to the golden age of opera and singing. If one desires to learn the kind of vocal technique used by virtually all of the truly great of Italian opera singers one need look no further! The Metropolitan Opera, San Francisco Opera, The Deustch Oper, Bayerische Staatsoper, Vienna Staatsoper etc. Anooshah Golesorkhi


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McCray Studio

The McCray Studio is one of the most worldwide renowned vocal art studios: counting on decades of experience in voice development, the studio has among its students some of the most famous singers in today's opera world.

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